As a Master Distributor of steel products manufactured by Madix, we’re happy to assist you in placing your steel order. Madix has many products, options and colors of each retail category. We understand that designing and finding the right product may be complex – but just call us at 562-437-7466 and ask for Brian. We will help you turn your vision into reality. Please visit for a full list of their products.

Bolster your sales floor with gondola and wall displays! Maxi Line, our most popular product family, is more universally applicable with its greater load capacity. Alternatively, Tube Line has a reduced load capacity, but fewer snap-together parts for faster assembly. Both lines are compatible with thousands of standard shelves, back-panel options, and merchandising accessories.

@Front Shelf Roller Shelf

Create the look of a perfectly stocked shelf instantly with @Front, Madix’s gravity-feed, roller-shelf system. @Front replaces traditional slip-mat and spring-pusher options, giving you a more efficient, user-friendly solution for auto facing, fronting, and filling your display.


Basix, the extendable base shelf for end-cap displays, nearly doubles the capacity for larger merchandise or more inventory in mere seconds. This fully self-contained system needs no extra parts or tools to operate, since no assembly or disassembly is required. Simply lift and pull, or lift and push, to expand or contract the shelf extension.

Cart Bumper Systems

Shopping carts can cause damage to products and fixtures, leading to costly repairs and replacements. Protect your gondolas and your merchandise with Madix’s Cart Bumper System. This efficiently designed system helps safeguard your bottom line while giving gondolas an attractive edge.

Concave Radius Shelving

Madix is a pioneer at utilizing curves in display shelving. It was the first to manufacture curved shelves for gondola/wall systems. The curved alternatives add pizazz to otherwise straight lines, and they draw attention to merchandise. Madix’s patented Concave/Radius Shelving pairs Radius Shelves with Concave Shelves to create runs that undulate.

Folding Shelf Carriage

It’s a well-known fact that shelving schemes change frequently in retail. Madix’s Folding Shelf Carriage is designed to make the process of re-positioning and storing unused shelves as painless as possible. This patented product is both a storage rack and a mobile cart, so store associates can manage excess shelving in the backroom and quickly transition shelves to and from the sales floor as needed.

Galvanized Shelves for Walk-In Coolers

Consolidate your buying process by sourcing your cantilever shelves from the shelf experts! Madix now offers galvanized shelving and uprights for walk-in coolers as standard product.

Liquor Security Cabinet Gondola Lock-Up System

The Madix Liquor Security Cabinet Lock-Up System is beautiful and functional. Manufactured from heavy steel tubing which secures your valuable merchandise behind crafted locked doors. The doors have optional panels including plexiglass, glass panes and wire grid. This system helps to reduce shrinkage and can be used to take liquor off sale when laws require. This secure system works with Madix’s standard shelving and side panels, metal and wood. Add Vertical Beam Lights, LEDge Light and Wire Truss PMF Front to shelves, providing a fixture with more impact.

Maxi Line Rolling Frame

Madix’s Maxi Line Rolling Frame is a space efficient way to display and stock items. It stores stock behind the sliding panels and allows samples to be displayed in front. It also increases pegable space for small items on the front sliding panels. The sliding panels roll smoothly and utilize a spring cushion to stabilize the merchandise.

Maxi Slice

Maxi Slice’s upright system provides creative merchandising opportunities by breaking up a common gondola run into more flexible sections. Make merchandise “pop” and cross-sell products by adding shelves and accessories in smaller segments. Slice gives retailers the freedom to planogram shelves according to what is needed rather than being restricted to 3’ and 4’ sections. Slice gives merchandise the opportunity to have shelves planogrammed to what is needed rather than being restricted to 3′ and 4′ (914 mm and 1219 mm) sections.

Nexgen Cooler Systems

Increase the efficiency of your refrigerated displays with our NEXGEN racks for walk-in coolers. NEXGEN is perfect for grocery and C-store applications, designed to facilitate First In, First Out (FIFO) product rotation and easy clean up. All racks are completely freestanding, needing no anchoring to cooler walls, and no tools are required for assembly—so installation is a breeze!

Pull Out Shelves

Madix’s Pull Out Shelves are the ultimate solution to improving the stock rotation process. With four different varieties, retailers are sure to find a solution that solves their specific merchandising challenges. The Pull Out Shelves utilize ball bearing slides for smooth, yet sturdy, operation. These shelves also allow shoppers or store associates to easily access merchandise at the back of the shelf that may be hard to see or reach. This feature is especially helpful when shelves are tightly spaced and heavily merchandised.

Queuing Bowl and Signage

Put method back into the madness of checkout lines! Madix’s Luxe Queuing Solution helps retailers boost sales by reducing wait time in the checkout area, improving customer satisfaction and strengthening brand loyalty. Luxe Queuing feeds one line of customers to multiple registers in an orderly and efficient manner, minimizing customer frustration. And with the variety of configurations available, retailers have the flexibility to promote more impulse merchandise and services at a consistent exposure level. Our Luxe Queuing Solution supports almost all standard Madix shelves and accessories.

Shoe-Display Solutions

We understand the importance of being unique. That’s why our shoe-display products are designed for flexibility, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, giving you more creative (and original) ways to showcase your merchandise.

Sliding Peg Panels

Pegged as one of 2010’s most innovative products, Madix’s Sliding Peg Panels are a great way to maximize space in conventional shelving systems. Madix’s Sliding Peg Panels significantly expand peggable space in Maxi or Tube Line. Installing a single panel in a fixture section increases peggable space by approximately 50 percent. The use of two sliding panels boosts space approximately 100 percent. This solution is perfect for categories that have an abundance of small-packaged SKUs. It helps retailers better utilize space in categories where space is limited.

Thin Profile Shelves

Madix’s Thin-Profile Shelves help maximize crucial space allowing retailers to optimize shelf capacity and display more product. The Light Duty version of the shelves are the thinnest profile shelf that Madix manufactures. It features angled tag molding for attractive pricing display and has a load rating of 90lbs. The Regular Duty version has a load rating of 200lbs and requires pushers for optional merchandise display. Both versions will increase shelf volume within a fixture run, create an attractive display and maximize product placement

Three Sided Rotating Display

Madix’s Three-Sided Rotating Display is an efficient, space-utilizing Maxi Line accessory. The rotating display utilizes 3 pegged merchandise faces to double the normal peg space of a single-sided fixture. The smooth rotating display features an automatic parallel spring to make sure a pegged surface is always facing the aisle.


When space is minimal, but attracting product attention is important, Madix’s Y-Gondola creates a perfect focal point for increased product sales. Constructed entirely from Madix’s famous Maxi Line components, assembly is fast and easy. Y-Gondola’s innovative design encourages customers to view and interact with highlighted merchandise with ease.

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