+  Fits dimensions as shown; not restricted to any specific brand of cleaning product

+  Hoop attachment will hold one seven-gallon rectangular trash can (can be included)

+  Container rings will hold one sanitizing-wipe container, 5″ diameter (not included)

+  Rear panel will hold one hand-sanitizer dispenser (not included); attach dispenser with two-sided tape or Velcro straps (not included)

+  Customer-supplied sign should be 11 1/2″ wide (292 mm), a minimum height of 8 1/4″ (210 mm), and a thickness of 3/16″-7/32″ (5 mm-6 mm)

+  The sign holder is top loaded and can therefore accommodate signs taller than the minimum 8 1/4″ (210 mm)

+  Unit is shipped un-assembled; all accessory attachments can be installed as needed

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